Woah, blogtastic milestone!

I’ve surpassed 1,000 hits! It’s always a little amazing to me when I look at the stats on WordPress and see that people actually read what I have to say here. Thanks for reading!


Hello world!

I am cautiously stepping into blogging here in the hopes that it can serve as an extension of my Professional Self and also to sort out unanswered questions I have for the field, some of which might eventually be fodder for further conversations and/or articles. Just yesterday I returned home from the American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE) and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) joint conference in New York City. I’m still coming down from my conference high and need to unpack some of the things I learned there and observations I have about questions the fields represented seem to be examining these days. I am most interested in, and feel I have the most to contribute to, conversations about Theatre for Young Audiences (the “TYA” in my new blog’s title) specifically, but I am bringing a lot of different experiences to the table and think this blog could explore a number of different topics of which TYA may only be one. My expectation is that my first few posts will be very focused on my experiences at conference this summer but it will be interesting to see where things go from there. I certainly welcome feedback, comments, and recommended resources along the way. Thank you for reading!