Join the Hartford Children’s Theatre Archival Project!

Join the Hartford Children’s Theatre Archival Project!

Hartford Children’s Theatre has closed, after 22 years in business. The final Board of Directors has graciously allowed me to take several boxes of archival materials to be sorted and sent to the Child Drama Archives at Arizona State University. Please join the group above if you have materials to contribute (programs/flyers/photos/videos) and to hear about how the project is progressing. 




I work in what will no doubt soon be a “Comissioner’s Network” school in Connecticut. I am disheartened by the shady way this is being brought into the state. My students need their teachers, and the notion that they would be better off if those teachers did not have advocates for their working conditions is patently false. Hartford has been down this road before. Turning over schools to private or corporate entities will not change things for the better and they could make a lot of things worse. 

New Year…

I’ve been wanting to get back in the habit of blogging here lately but haven’t had much time to get my thoughts together. I definitely am at something of a crossroads again professionally, and have been thinking about priorities and possibilities the past few days. So, in honor of the New Year I thought I’d post some New Year’s resolutions for my professional life.

1. To blog and write more about my field in general.

2. To embrace what is fulfilling to me professionally in my working life, and do a better job of cutting my losses when fulfillment isn’t in the cards.

3. To really update my teaching portfolio and expand it to include video of my work.

Question for the World: And what are your resolutions for your professional life in 2010?