Tax Time for Teaching Artists – Part 1 of Many, I predict…

A link to some links that will get the conversation (or maybe just the confusion?) going.

So far I’ve got two W-2’s, awaiting (by last count) 3 more of those and 4 1099’s. How about you?

Question for the World: Got any good advice for others in arts education as tax time looms?


3 Responses to “Tax Time for Teaching Artists – Part 1 of Many, I predict…”

  1. KS Says:

    This made me chuckle…back in the day I had one year where I had six forms (W-2s and 1099s) from three different states. That was special. Now things are even more complicated because we own two businesses…I’ve lost track of how many forms we’re waiting on!

  2. Emely Says:

    I always have several I have to wait on. I have started keep an excel spreadsheet with different worksheets for each organization I work for. I enter in each check I get paid, so when the 1099’s come in I can verify the information. I also have another spreadsheet where I keep track of my mileage and expenses throughout the year. Then, come tax time, I just print out the spreadsheet, grab my recipts and bring them to my accountant. Yes, I have to pay a bit to have someone deal with it, but it’s a small price to pay to make sure it’s done correctly. I am sure I would miss something. It’s been working for me!

    • me Says:

      I have an accountant too. It’s totally worth it. I keep all my receipts in a plastic envelope through the year and have all my bills in a little book with pockets for each month. I have a calendar that I just keep information about my work life with a record of when I get paid. I’ve been experimenting with a separate little book where I keep a more detailed diary rather than filling everything in inside little calendar boxes, but sometimes that becomes cumbersome having too many places to keep track of things. Recently I discovered and I really like the charts you can bring up regarding trends in spending– expect to be using that a lot in 2011.

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