Whither advocacy?

I guess I consider myself somewhat of an arts education advocate. I have this little blog here, and I post arts education related articles on Facebook, and when arts education organizations I trust encourage me to sign email petitions I often do. My life, or at the very least my livelihood, is certainly an advocacy for arts education. But beyond the above, I don’t feel like I’m active in a political movement to improve access to arts education. I suspect that there is much to be done, but, as is often the case with activism, it’s not always clear what actions exactly would be the most helpful. But more than that, of course, is making the TIME to make advocacy the life initiative it deserves to be. So I’ve been thinking lately, how, amongst all the many projects and responsibilities in my life, part of my contribution to the field might be to be present in a larger way in the realm of arts education activism. Anyone with me? If so, here’s ArtsEd Washington’s 2010 School Board Advocacy Toolkit with some thoughts on how to go about the business of making a difference.

Question for the World: I know that some  readers of this blog are active in a variety of political causes– how do you do it? What action steps feel the most “productive” to you? How do you balance your passion for a cause with your need to have a life?


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