What Makes Children Children?

I find the title of this article, Your Baby is Smarter Than You Think, to be counter-productive, but perhaps in a time when newspapers appear to be on their way out the author is merely shrewd in composing a title that will get attention. (The fact that it is currently the number 1 emailed article on the New York Times website would seem to support this argument. What do I know.) The article itself is quite interesting though. There’s something about the study of children that in essence becomes a study of humanity. I find educational research of the very young to be really fascinating.

One of the (many) issues I’m exploring for possible article writing as I come down from my Conference High is this question of what is it that makes children children, and how should (if at all) our understanding of children impact the direction of Theatre for Young Audiences. My undergraduate thesis focused somewhat on this issue but I’m in a different place now and I think it may be time to have another look at that 9 year old manuscript and see where those ideas can go next.


2 Responses to “What Makes Children Children?”

  1. uninvoked Says:

    So basically, let them grow up a bit before trying to morph a kid into a miniature adult. Sounds about right to me. ^^

  2. Hides Says:

    The article is very interesting and it is that thinking that helped me to decide what teaching degree I should study. There are so many who really underestimate the power of play for babies, toddlers, and school age children. Curriculum at school can at times restrict the amount of , play ‘allowed, however there should always be an element of exploration and discovery.

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